NERSBA's Got Talent Show Held
On March 22nd, some of our scholars participated in the “NERSBA’s Got Talent” talent show. They spent weeks practicing their talents to get ready for the special night. The participants included: Essence Velez, Kalia Smith, Cara Ambrose, Johnathan Williams, LaPrincess Nobles, Carly Dickerson, Abigail Spencer, Sueanna Schneider, Mikayla Groover, Nathaniel Pearson, Kayla Stotesbury, Kristen Stotesbury, Cody Micchelli, Harley Harrell, Margo Lilley and Novella Jennings. First place went to Sueanna Schneider who sang “Hallelujah”, second place went to Abigail Spencer who sang “At the Cross” by Chris Tomlin, and third place went to Kristen and Kayla Stotesbury who sang “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin. Jose Camargo-Santibanez and Rosie Lilley did an excellent job as show hosts. The talent show was a huge success and will continue to be an annual tradition at NERSBA.

“I absolutely enjoyed all of the performances. Everyone was confident and it was very entertaining. My most favorable part of the night was voting. It was so unique how we were able to do so with our cell phones. It was an overall pleasurable experience“. – Aaniyah Robinson

(submitted by Jonae Lowe)