Scholars Participate in Labs with NC BioNetwork
Recently, NERSBA sophomore scholars in Ms. Gurganus’ chemistry classes participated in lab experiments with the NC BioNetwork. One lab was a quality analysis lab. Students rotated through 5 stations and tested 4 different powders to see if they had starch in them. They all looked the same with small differences, but they contained different materials. If the powders bubbled, they would be rejected. If they did not bubble, they were accepted. If they changed colors, they were rejected. If they remained the same color, had crystals in them, or had a pH below 7, then they were accepted. These labs were based off of FDA testing. The other lab was a Candy pH lab. Students tested different sour candies like Sour Patch Kids, Lemon Heads, Sweetart Sours, and Air Heads. Students first ate the candy and based on how sour it was, they guessed the pH. Then, they dissolved the outer candy coating in water and used the pH probe and Lab Quest to determine the actual pH. The students enjoyed participating in these experiments. The NC BioNetwork has also worked with local pharmaceutical companies. Several students said it was fun because they were able to learn new things. The activity was engaging and enlightening. “I enjoyed how the experiments were set up and appreciated the access to the equipment that the NERSBA scholars would normally not have. I appreciate the support and opportunities the NC BioNetwork provided our scholars.” said Ms. Brooke Gurganus, Chemistry Instructor at Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience. (submitted by Doracely Yanez)