NERSBA Jacket Presentation Ceremony Recently Held
On Thursday, October 22nd, the first FFA Jacket Ceremony at NERSBA was held. The ceremony was opened by our chapter president, Tyra Smallwood. Our principal, Mr. Davis, then continued the ceremony by talking about his experiences in the FFA back when he was in the same building we are in now. Margo Lilley, our Student Advisor, gave a speech on what the corduroy jacket means to her. She said at first it was nothing more than a blue jacket, but now it is full of memories and new friendships she has made while wearing it.

A video was shown on what the jacket means to members across the nation and obviously the ones in the video and our members here all love it. It was exciting to see freshmen and new scholars at NERSBA be called up one by one to receive their jacket. I am so ready for them to experience all that I have through the FFA. From your first animal science class to your first land judging competition to your first state convention or even national, our officer team wishes you the best on your journey throughout FFA in the next four years. (submitted by Summer Taylor)