Scholars Participate in Science Olympiad
Several scholars from the Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience in Jamesville recently participated in the Science Olympiad Competition at East Carolina University. Participants were: Noah Ayers, Adorian Bell, Mark Baur, Johnson Buck, Colby Cannon, Anastasia Clifford, Deshaun Evans, Sydney Gainey, Alex Hooton, Hunter Ledford, Christian Liverman, Efren Martinez-Gomez, Merida Mathis, Logan Modlin, Erika Trejo, Essence Valez and Mandy Whitehurst. The following scholars placed in the competitions noted: 1st Place in Chemistry Lab were Merida Mathis and Efren Martinez-Gomez; 1st Place in Remote Sensing was Mark Baur; 5th Place in Code Busters were Merida Mathis and Logan Modlin; 5th Place in Dynamic Planet were Deshaun Evans and Mark Baur; 2nd Place in Invasive Species were Erika Trejo and Sydney Gainey; 4th Place in Materials Science were Efren Martinez-Gomez and Alex Hooton; and, 3rd Place in Optics were Essence Valez and Christian Liverman.