Scholars Attend the National FFA Convention
On Tuesday, November 18th, thirteen NERSBA FFA members and our advisors flew to Indianapolis, Indiana for the 89th National FFA Convention. For most of us, it was our first time flying, but it was a smooth ride and many made remarks about how they want to fly again soon. We attended the first general session of the convention on Wednesday where we saw the national officers walk out for the first time after hearing this year’s theme song Transform. Throughout the week, we participated in other general sessions and heard motivational speeches from speakers like Diana Nyad, a long-distance swimmer and Jason Brown, a former UNC football player who made it to the NFL then realized it wanted to come back to our great state and be a farmer. After hearing stories from a woman who set a goal and failed the first time, but kept trying until she reached that goal, and a man who had all the fame and money he could ever want, but turned that down to come back home and farm, it made us realize that we all need to set goals and try our best to accomplish them and stay humble after we do. This convention already transformed many FFA members across the nation and our goal as FFA members is to transform our chapter, school and community into the best it can be.