NHS Holds a Blood Drive
On Friday, April 8th, 2016, NERSBA National Honor Society hosted its first community service project; a Red Cross Blood Drive. The National Honor Society, headed by Mrs. Christi Rogerson and Mrs. Connie Smith, held the blood drive at the Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology and Agriscience Jamesville Location. A total of 45 people registered to donate at the blood drive. A total of 38 pints of blood were collected at the drive, 30 of which were from NERSBA students. Roughly 10 of these donators were 16 years old and had received parental consent to donate. All NERSBA students were first time donors, and many hoped to return to donate again during the next blood drive. In all, 53 NERSBA National Honor Society members volunteered at the event; some gave blood, others were on committees serving the donors and assisting the Red Cross team.

When asked why the blood drive was the selected community service project for the NERSBA National Honor Society Chapter, Christi Rogerson, one of the National Honor Society Advisors at NERSBA, replied; “Our National Honor Society Chapter is required by the National Honor Society Guidelines to do a community service project each year. We elected to do a blood drive because we felt that we could help and reach out to more people in our communities and counties through the Red Cross. They needed our support, as there is a shortage of blood supplies in our area.”

Not only did this blood drive benefit the Red Cross, but it also benefited the people who participated. “Our National Honor Society members benefited greatly; they realized that when they get together as a team, they can make things happen,” stated Rogerson. “They also realized that giving blood is a serious thing and that by giving blood they can save many lives. Since this was the first time a blood drive was hosted at NERSBA, we hope that many of the student donors will be more willing to give blood in the future as well as with new donors. This event has established our National Honor Society members as role models for upcoming blood drives. Not only that, but we feel that the NERSBA community itself benefited. The Red Cross team was very impressed with the amount of help they received from our volunteers; from setting up to cleaning up. They praised our students for their outstanding behavior and their willingness to help throughout the day. The Red Cross team talked about the positivity that the members displayed and were themselves encouraged by the willingness and the seriousness in donating that the students displayed.”

The Honor Society served the community for a total of six hours, from 1 p.m. to 6p.m. The blood drive received donations from students who lived in Pitt, Washington, Beaufort, Martin, and Tyrell counties (NERSBA is a regional school that covers those five counties), along with volunteers from those areas. The NERSBA community thanks these students, adult donors and National Honor Society members for their time in serving our community.

Submitted by Jared Lopez